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In 1997, the Kentucky Paralegal Association created the Founders Award to recognize outstanding paralegals who have contributed to the enhancement and development of the paralegal profession.

Tammy Smith is the recipient of the 2017 Kentucky Paralegal Association Founder's Award.

Tammy is a member of the KPA, the GLPA, and NFPA and actively participates in all of these organizations. She is very active in promoting paralegal education programs and working with students in the Lexington area.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to promoting the paralegal profession certainly deserves recognition.

She earned her CKP credentials in 2010.  She has served two previous terms as President of the KPA and is the current KPA President. She has served as Chairperson of KPA Annual Conference multiple times. 

She is currently serving a three year term representing NFPA as its representative on the ABA Approval Commission to help ensure that paralegal programs across the nation are in compliance with the American Bar Association guidelines.


William Chaudoin is the recipient of the 2017 KPA $1,000.00 Scholarship, as well as free membership to the KPA for the first year after graduation, and free attendance at the KPA’s Annual Conference. 

William is a student at Eastern Kentucky University, currently working towards a triple Major in the fields of Economics, Paralegal Studies and Political Science. With this impressive school load, working, and he is still able to maintain an overall GPA of 3.58 and 3.66 GPA in his Paralegal studies.

In his letter of recommendation, Dr. Steve Barracca, Professor at EKU, wrote that “William distinguished himself as a student with a great mind for facts and details, and also a solid thinker and writer”.

Dr. Linda Gosnell wrote in her letter of recommendation that “I have hired and supervised many lawyers and paralegals over 25 years in a litigation private practice and 10 years at the Kentucky Bar association, and was myself a top student, so I know what it means to work hard in many different areas. She goes on to write that “He has been one of the most promising students in the program that I have encountered, and will be an addition to any aspect of the legal field that he chooses after graduation.

Zach "Guff" McGuffey


22 Until Valhalla is a veteran non-profit that strives to prevent veteran suicide through physical, mental and emotional lifestyle development. PTSD & suicide is an epidemic plaguing our veterans.  22 Until Valhalla was the Conference Philanthropy project and with the proceeds from the raffle and donations from KPA Conference attendees, the KPA was able to present a check in the amount of $1,023 to 22 Until Valhalla.

The President and Founder of 22 Until Valhalla is a Marine Corps Infantry veteran who served in 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Division from 2007 to 2011. He deployed to Al Anbar Province in Iraq 2009 and Helmand Province, Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011. He received his Honorable Discharge in October of 2011.

In January 2013, Zach "Guff" McGuffey decided to take his own life after drinking heavily and battling with his symptoms and suicidal thoughts from his PTSD and TBI. Fortunately, his purposeful attempt to roll his truck and end his life was unsuccessful. 11 months later on December 5th, 2013, his best friend and Marine brother, Brandon Robinson, committed suicide. Guff immediately drove to North Carolina where his Marine brother Brandon Robinson lived and died after his return home from the Marine Corps.

During Guff's time in North Carolina, he took care of Brandon's family, attended his funeral, and was surrounded by Brandon's belongings. This is when Guff started to fully realize the missing links within the VA, the harsh reality of veteran PTSD and suicide, and the changes that needed to be made within the veteran community.

After returning home and spending the next year recovering from the loss of his closest Marine brother, Guff decided he had to do something to help end this epidemic and make positive changes. He began a mission to end veteran suicide, which led to the creation of 22 Until Valhalla in November 2014.



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