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KPA 31st Annual Conference Session II - Free CLE Webinar “Immigration”

The KPA 31st Annual Conference Session II CLE Webinar “Immigration,” presented by Heather A. Hadi, Esq., is now available and free to all KPA members on the KPA’s YouTube channel and via the links below. 

If you will be completing this activity for CLE credit, your proof of attendance will be verified by two different activity numbers announced by the presenter during the recording.  Please include these two activity numbers on your “CLE Certificate of Attendance Form - Session II CLE Immigration Webinar” and “KPA 31st Annual Conference Session II CLE Immigration Webinar Certificate of Attendance” forms, which are available via the links below.

Important Notice to KPA 31st Annual Conference Registrants: If you are a CKP and attended the Thursday evening CLE Session on November 7, 2019, and signed the list of attendees requesting the webinar, this on-demand CLE activity will not be subject to the limitations for non-live technologically transmitted activity as set forth in Section 9.01(A)(3) of the KPA’s Professional Standards and Certification Program Policy.  This provision is being waived for Conference due to the unavailability of the speaker which resulted in cancellation of the live session.

If you are a CKP and did not attend this year’s Conference, this on-demand activity is available to you as a free, non-live, technologically-transmitted CLE credit, subject to the four credit maximum of four (4) credits earned per calendar year for non-live technologically transmitted activity.

Additional Considerations for CKPs: If you need this CLE credit for your 2019 CLE requirements, please complete the activity prior to December 31, 2019. If you do not need additional CLE credit for 2019, please keep in mind that CLE credits earned by completing non-live activity will be applied to the educational year in which such activity is completed and excess credits for non‐live activity will not carry forward as provided for live credits under Section 9.01(G) of the Policy. So, if you do not need the credit for 2019, it is a good idea to wait until January 1, 2020, to complete the webinar so that your credit will not expire at the end of this calendar year and will carry forward and be applied to your CLE requirements for 2020 or 2021.    

If you are a CKP and have questions regarding CLE credit, please refer to the KPA’s Professional Standards and Certification Program Policy or contact KPACC directly at


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